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Details and how to apply for

The Maureen E. Nolan Scholarship for 2021 and 2022 will be posted next Spring. 

Once the Christmas Season is over, we will begin the process of what will culminate is awarding scholarships to Catholic High School Seniors in New Jersey this Spring.  


The Maureen E Nolan Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to ensuring the continuation of Catholic Education. The Foundation is the project of long time New York Radio Personality Joe Nolan and his family. The continuing rise of property taxes in the State of New Jersey has made the choice of a Catholic education unavailable for some children solely due to financial reasons. This has been a primary cause of the reduced enrollment and school closures Catholic Schools have faced over the past decade.  


The foundation has been named after and in honor of Joe Nolan's Mother, Maureen Nolan. Not only did she and Joe's Father provide him the benefit of a Catholic Education all of his school years right through college, but she herself was a Catholic school teacher for 18 years at Holy Trinity School in his hometown of Westfield.  She passed away in 1982.  Her last day teaching was because she could not get up the stairs to her classroom.  Members of Joe’s family attended Holy Trinity School and Holy Trinity High School in Westfield, Immaculata High School in Somerville and Villa Walsh in Morris County.   


All foundation officers and members are 100% volunteer. This allows us to keep our operating overhead extremely low allowing over 90% of our donations to used directly for our exempt purpose.


The goal of our Foundation is to provide financial assistance, through scholarships, to the children of families who want a traditional Catholic School education.


Seniors who graduated in 2021 and who will graduate in 2022 are all eligible.  What the student must do is write an essay of 500 words or less describing why Catholic education is important and how it will help them moving forward in life. 

Details will be posted in the Fall of 2021.